This is it. A brand new experience. The Real one. The physical and affective one. All we need is Kalorama. There is a new era coming. One that knows how to enjoy every moment as it truly is – unique and unrepeatable.
 September 1, 2 and 3, 2022 at Parque da Bela vista in Lisbon. An age that comes with a thirst to touch, to look, to feel. The one who wants hugs instead of likes, smiles instead of comments. 
Lisbon will travel back in time and experience the true meaning of live music. 
The era that knows there's life beyond online and that 'being present' is not synonymous with 'having Wi-Fi' This city will be the center of the festivals universe and that is why our branding for Kalorama is centered in elevating Lisbon to a cosmic scale.
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